Planning a Super Hero Party?

Yard Greetings for your favorite super hero are available with Houston Yard Card Rentals. Great for Birthdays, Employee Appreciation, and Father’s Day! We will customize a yard card greeting for your favorite super hero kid (or adult) with adorable graphics and birthday balloons, cakes, stars and hearts! We say ditch the card, and just say it in the yard! Surprise someone special on their birthday with a super heroes party theme yard card. Houston Moms: if you’re planning your child’s quarantine birthday parade, then don’t forget a customized yard greeting message. Make a huge statement by adding their name and age in huge 24 ” letters standing 30″ in the air, in a variety of coordinating colors. We will help you create the most memorable of birthdays with a specialized message with Birthday letters for the yard! Grandparents and other relatives love surprising kids and adults with their very own super hero yard greeting. We will add a customized hashtag message in red blue and black! Hashtag Greeting ideas:
  • #Super Hero Kid
  • #Super Hero
  • #Awesome Sauce
  • #Name is a Super-Kid
  • #Super Hero Mom
  • #Heroes Work Here
  • #Heroes Wear Scrubs
  • #Mom aka SUPERWOMAN
  • #Dad UR the Real Superman
These greetings are our part of the Standard or Deluxe Greeting options and come with 24” letters spelling out the birthday recipient’s name, their age and of course a Happy B-day wish.  Order your super heroes party theme greeting today. 24-Hour Greeting Rental, with extra days possible based on availability (plus additional cost). Contact us today to get your super hero celebration started! Super Hero Party theme Houston