Houston Yard Card Rentals can help you surprise a special someone with a customized greeting. Our service provides memorable experiences for just about any occasion. We secretly decorate the recipient’s yard in the theme and style of your choice and give you all the credit! 

Celebrations for Yard Cards include:

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Congrats on New Job, or Everyday Successes or Milestones
  • Cheer-Up
  • Will You Marry Me?
  • Adoption “Gothca” Days
  • Baby Shower/Gender Reveal New Baby Boy or New Baby Girl or TWINS  

About Yard Sign Rental

Our party rentals are yard sign decorations that we “flock” your yard with! Yard Flocking was made popular years ago with the very popular pink flamingos! The very genesis for this yard sign craze may have begun with the popular Stork Delivery yard-o-grams, from the early 1980’s announcing new babies and family expansion! This very fun method of congratulating new parents has grown and includes the older siblings, and grandparents too!

Yard Cards and Yard Flocking are very similar, and include birthday greetings, or other messages in letters staked in the grass, with party accents. All waterproof and made for outside! 

What does the Rental Include?

Houston Yard Card Rentals offers a variety of color and theme options to create customized yard greetings. We offer birthday messages for kids and adults and can add names/ages and special hashtag messages. 

Our greetings include specialty graphics that personalize the message for the recipient’s career, hobbies and likes. 

Rentals include delivery and complete contact-less set up, yard placement, pick up and removal.  Most rentals are for just the birthday, or for the party day only, but some rentals are for extended periods.  

How to Order?

Order Yard Signs for your special event by completing the request form. Tell us about your event or the recipient that you would like to surprise, and we will handle the rest.

What is the cost?

Our special greetings start at $95. Add a name, age and more graphics to create a standard greeting  or make it deluxe with personalized graphics and themed d├ęcor.  We will customize your message with colorful tall letters so that you can express yourself! 

Delivery and Set-Up plus pick-up and removal is included.

Getting Started

Follow this link to order your yard sign greeting today or call us to ask any questions 832-758-3445