colorful Birthday yard signs

Celebrate with custom yard greetings

Birthday Yard Signs have become increasingly popular, and are the NEW NORMAL for most birthday parties and other celebrations!   Birthday Parties still look a bit different with smaller guest lists and outdoor only celebrations. But make no mistake, Houston is ready to party! 

Making the Birthday Honoree Feel Special!

Houston Yard Card Rentals is here to make your birthday kid (or adult) feel extra special! Honk for my birthday, and many more adorable graphics available for birthday signs, complete with emoji smiles wearing masks.

Houston Yard Card Rentals is owned and operated by a popular Houston kids entertainer named Honey Dew the Clown. Due to the Pandemic Honey Dew evolved into offering Yard Party Signs with many popular themes to choose from.

Customize your birthday message with cakes, balloons, stars, emojis and hearts! We offer many sports and hobby related graphics to personalize your sign, including soccer, dance, cheer, football, Hook ‘Em Horns, Aggie fans, video game graphics and of course popular social media icons!

We specialize in birthday yard signs, and love providing themes. For today’s man our popular video gamer theme has controller graphics, level up signs, hand held game graphics, gamer console and a huge happy birthday sign that is 47 inches wide! We also have DAD GRAPHICS including golf, football, soccer, trucks, BBQ Pit Master, and beer!  

We offer a super hero birthday theme with adorable novelty theme characters wearing capes and cartoon like graphics with exclamations like POW! BOOM! CRASH! ZAP! WOW! Our super heroes have varied skin tones to make any kid feel special and included!

Birthday messages start at $90 for a mini greeting, which includes the letters for “Happy Birthday” in a variety of colors and a handful of simple graphics to make it special. Greetings can be customized with name and age for $125, and for $150 we offer deluxe greetings that are customized with even more graphics and hashtag messages.

Popular Birthday Messages include:

  • Name + Double Digits!
  • Cheers and Beers
  • Name is 21 and Finally Legal
  • Name is 39 and Looking Fine
  • Lordy, Name is 40


How it Works

We ask you to complete the order form providing as much detail as possible about the b-day recipient, with favorite colors if known and details about general likes or occupation- and we will create a memorable yard card!

We set up the night before the birthday, so the recipient gets a big surprise the morning of their special day. We then pick up after dark on the event day. We allow extended rentals when available, for a minimal additional cost. Ours is a total contactless delivery, and totally safe in these socially distancing days.

Yard Card Greetings aren’t just for kids either! We do many adult set ups, including for grandparents! We do our best to add something personal to each set up that the recipient will love and are continually adding graphics to our inventory. Be sure to check out the huge unicorn that we have available!